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The only thing I have an issue with is when Google took over YouTube way back and turned it into more of an ad service than a place where people can go and just share vids and enjoy it. I get the whole commercialism thing but you destroyed my viewing experience when I come on to watch something that's littered with ads that repeat 100X over.

No thanks Google, I have a back pack for my pet already. Please return YouTube to the users like before. Streamline ads somehow. It's as bad as going to the theater paying ridiculous amounts of money and then sit through 30 to 45 minutes of ads before my actual movie starts.

Going to the theater should be free with the amount of time I should be getting paid to sit and watch people tell me how great something is.

Like I said I get ads and all but tone it down a bit. Please!

Reason of review: ads.

Preferred solution: Maybe have intro ads and keep them fresh new ads each time to avoid repeating it so much..

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