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I have been a customer of google, youtube, and gmail since each one became available. Over the years youtube has gotten worse but I would still check out a video or two - I mean what could that hurt?

Well it can apparently hurt quite a bit as I found out lately.

While working, I watched a forwarded video from a friend while I waited for a laptop I am building to load some new software. For whatever reason the video needed my birthday, while I was scrolling down the year section a date one was chosen for me. Immediately I was sent to a warning page that ALL of my google accounts were frozen as I was under 13?

There was ABSOLUTELY NO chance to correct the date and the ONLY fix is to send Google my credit card# and personal information. I have an issue with handing over such information to a company that seems to lose this data on a regular basis.

If you have a gmail account you should avoid youtube or you might just find yourself locked out of your own account.

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