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YouTube has begin indiscriminately removing channels. The communist Purge of the media has began.

Why you ask?

Because YouTube does not believe in the 1st or 2nd Amendment of the United States.

These channels are being removed because YouTube believe if they remove these channels the only free speech will be the Communist or Fascist agenda they do believe in.

In particular several channels that review products have been removed even though they are within the YouTube guidelines for acceptance.

The reason these are being removed is because they all have two common factors. All these channels support the 2nd Amendment of the United States and Conservative values in America.

YouTube does not believe in any of the Civil Rights that we have fought and died to defend. YouTube is starting with the 1st and 2nd Amendment how many more will they now attack

I can only add 10 here but search YouTube gun channels attacked it shows way more than I can add.

You ask yourself why does this matter, I am not a gun person, not but you are an American citizen and as a citizen your Civil Rights are being attacked, by an out of control corporate entity who claims they give equal treatment to all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Youtube Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Youtube Cons: Fake news, Removal of content that was within youtube guidelines, Refusal to talk to the channels before removal, Arbitrary removal without review and appeal process.

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My channel got removed because I posted about how I am for the WALL.


Itunes the corporate enemy of Americans and needs to be abolished.


Youtube, fakebook...can't weed out real Americans, but your discrimination and censorship, reaching to remove our rights, well that won't last at all. Go away.


Bye bye youtube. Lol


I'm glad the gun channels are being removed. The truth is, guns are on their way to being completely banned.

Like it or not, that's the future. Move to another country if you want your guns. Yes, I work in the media and there is an agenda to repeal the 2nd ammendment.

And it's going to happen. Prepare for it now.


You must be a femii working in the liberal fake media. I am a veteran, I will stay in my country, I will defend my country and I will keep my guns.

If you don't like it, move your *** out of this country.

And I don't hide hide behind a cowardly posted name. I posted my actual name.


Give up your right to self protection 2nd Amendments thats OK now you are exposing giving up your right to free speech.1st Amendment. So are you ready to give up your 4th and 6th Amendments too?

Because the 2nd is the ONlY protection of any of the other Amendments. I pity you foolish Socialists.


I hope all liberal, Democrats, burn in...


YouTube is a FOR PROFIT CORPORATION.They can delete whatever they want, whenever they want.The "Freedom of speech" we are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution means that we cannot be persecuted by the government for saying or for publishing things critical of the government.YouTube is a publishing company and can pick and choose which content they want to publish.Don't like YouTube's policies and choices?

Great! Start your own video-hosting web platform company!

As an American, you have that right! Now THAT is FREEDOM!!

Lisa Marie Hunt

Actually, they should have actual regulations they stand by. Also, they should not allow anyone to be on someone's channel yet not even be seen??

Wtf is with that? That is absurd. And that is why there are people being harassed & bullied and has been deaths! Where is the platform?

YouTube. I honestly believe we all have a right to say what we wish if it isn't violating anything! If people follow someone just to harass and stalk and yes, I have stalkers then YouTube should use discernment and realize that it could be an agenda especially if it is the same person! Obviously, they see if one person keeps downing on someone's stuff time and time again!

Maybe you don't understand this because you aren't being harassed but when it Happens to you, you will sing a different tune then good luck finding someone to care if you treat others this way!! Do and say to others what you want them to say and do to you and choose your words a little more wisely and with kindness and understanding!! This is what is wrong with our world!! Oh, I forgot, maybe you are a part of the staff!!

Well, if so, you all need to grow a heart and stop being so stale and static!! Have freaking understanding and look in the other person's shoes for once!!!


JemP YouTube has published regulations along with FaceBook. These are disregarded on a regular basis. They lie and cheat just like any good Socialist Communist.


Didn't see this one. I hide a lot lately from the madness.

Thanks for the heads-up. There aren't many wins lately for freedom and sanity, but it was beautiful when the legislature in Georgia punished Delta Airlines a couple weeks ago for their nasty, self-righteous anti-NRA nonsense by taking away a major corporate tax break they had in the state.

Maybe someone, somewhere, will do something similar with Youtube, but I wouldn't hold my breath, particularly not with a tech company. They're all Leftists, most of them not of my generation's breed, but of the new and rabid kind.


One year later, May 12th, 2019....Delta Airlines is still in business. The foolish threat to "punish" never materialized and was forgotten 10 minutes after the idiotic threat was uttered.

Delta brings too much money to the local economy for it to be "punished" by anyone down there. Had they "punished" Delta, not only would jobs within the airlines been affected, thousands of downstream jobs would have been on the line. Look, I know it makes wing nuts feel good to think they can put on a boycott or "punish" big business but the fact is you can't. The fact is the people they want to keep as customers, you know younger people with money who will be around 40 years as opposed to 20 at best, are the New Bigger Better Deal.

They won't buy from people who trade with the NRA or advertise on shows hosted by nuts on Fox. LOL...."Punish"....I'll bet you forgot about this too.


So you agree the political and business are in bed together to remove our basic right. That is what you espoused.